Been staring at the same page for days?

Punctuation, spelling and grammatical issues are the first red flags a client or publisher will notice. They tell us a piece of writing needs a little further time and attention or can make us question the quality and validity of the service you offer.

I can help you improve the readability of your writing to ensure it is free of error. From advertisements to website content, I edit beyond the very basic - usually mechanical - proofreading other sites offer, to specialise in the meaning of a text. I sense check what your written material is conveying and how. Whatever you are writing: I have the editorial skills at the ready to elevate your work and help you do better business.



£40 per hour

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I have over ten years’ experience as a personal tutor, workshop leader and facilitator. 

Professional partnerships include refugee and asylum seeker support networks, state schools, universities, prisons, ESL summer schools, NHS prescribed mental health support routes, museums and art galleries. 

I have also worked with BBC Radio 4, The Wordsworth Trust, EE Corporate Business, Saatchi and Saatchi,  The Natural History Society of Northumbria and Newcastle University.

I am an active member of The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, Artists' Union England, UCU and The Society of Authors.  My professional Indemnity Insurance is provided via Hiscox. I am DBS check-ready and happy to talk about your project and how I can help.

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