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Jo co-edits Multiples, the quarterly journal of the Society of Wood Engravers. It includes articles, features, plus exhibition and book reviews.


For 'A Wood Engraving and its Poem, ' Jo selects a wood engraving that shares synergistic dialogue with a poem and vice versa. The pairings are impelled by an ongoing interest in ekphrasis, which is poetry produced from a source image.


Fascinated with meaning-making, Jo's pairings are not always artworks directly drawn from the verse. Instead, many of her selected artworks 'meet' each other for the first time in print on the page of Multiples. This is practice involves selecting a print that speaks the particular language of a poem eloquently or a poem that vividly brings a print to mind. These correspondences are an exercise or compulsion of the imagination. They connect artwork across time and place, a fortuitously and connection-driven process in which meaning is made intuitively by the reader or viewer. Each artwork stands on its own terms, without commission in mind.

Selected Pairings:

Chris Daunt, Thomas the Rhymer
      // Walter Scott, 'Thomas the Rhymer'

Leonie Bradley, Playdate
     // 'O Me! O Life!', Walt Whitman

Pat Jaffè, Elm 
     // 'New feet within my garden go,' Emily Dickinson.

Sue Scullard Bluebells in a Wood

    // 'Bluebells', Katharine Towers

Ian Stephens, Findings 

     // 'V' from 'Findings', Paul Batchelor

Thomas Bewick, tail-piece

     // 'Stilt-Walking the Tyne', Pippa Little

Mei Chen Tseng, Landscape of Words

     // 'Imagine a Forest', Will Harris 

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