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Forthcoming Feature: Printmaking Today

To celebrate its 100th edition in press, Printmaking Today's Winter cover features a striking (and entirely strokable) screenprint from Johnny Hannah. This magazine explores all things print. There are a whole host of fascinating articles, interviews and reviews. It also marks Nancy Campbell's final magazine as editor. I wish her the best of luck in her new adventure, as she sets off to write the sequel to her fantastic book How To Say 'I Love You' in Greenlandic: An Arctic Alphabet. 

Here's to 100 more editions and more wondrous work from the super talented Nancy. It is a real delight to share that my article about my PhD research From Vignettes to Verse is featured in the 'Practical' section. It is kindly published along with a poem which has emerged from the research. It feels very special to be included in such a momentous and wonderfully diverse edition. Nancy's 'Printmaking Diary' describes the same 'appetite for print' the research has sparked in me and the same passion for print this mag reveres. I suppose you could say we have been eating ink, as in Mark Strand's 'Eating Poetry'.

I highly recommend this mag to both printmakers and admirers of print alike, as it is terribly readable and reaches broadly, without losing focus or quality. It is technical, academic and critical but never inaccessible. For a magazine publication it is also opulent and handles beautifully, with rich reproductions of artworks made in impressive quality. If you're interested in reading the poem or article, or would like to know more about the magazine (RRP £5.75), visit 

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