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Jennifer Wong reviews Outlandish in The Poetry Review

THE YELLOWNESS IN THE GARDEN WE SEE IS NOT A DAFFODIL is the title of Jennifer Wong's review of Jo Clement's Outlandish (Bloodaxe), Jemma Borg's Wilder (Pavilion) and Denise Saul's The Room Between Us (Pavilion).

The review explores marginalised identities, metaphors and spaces of grief. This in-depth and sensitive review begins:

Illuminating and imaginative, Jo Clement's debut collection, Outlandish, explores the myriad, at times contradictory, perspectives on the much under-represented traveller culture, questioning the social, cultural and class stereotypes around the Gypsy, Roma and traveller identities.

Pick up a copy of The Poetry Review Vol 112, No 3, Autumn 2022 to read the full review which explores the below collections:



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