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New Poem: Angling

Photo Credit: Smart Banda

Delighted to announce a new poetry commission for Durham Book Festival 2020, alongside the incredible Kayo Chingonyi.

Born in Zambia, Kayo is the award-winning author of Kumukanda (Chatto & Windus, 2017). This is a book of poems I admire and recommend highly. With titles like 'The Colour of James Brown's Scream' how could I not?

Kayo and I responded to Them and Uz, a documentary-interview from renowned BBC 4 arts strand Arena with working-class poet Tony Harrison. Arena is personally my go-to for the best portraits of counter-culture on film. From Paris is Burning, George Eliot or Poly Styrene, these documentaries are always a nourishing watch.

To find out more about the Your Local Arena project, hear Kayo read his exquisite poem ‘Postcard from the Sholebrokes’ and my recording of 'Angling', please follow this link:



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