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The Big Bearded Bookseller reviews Outlandish

Stephen, AKA the Big Bearded Bookseller, is a senior children’s bookseller at Waterstones. His website provides a handy directory of independent bookshops and publishing houses. These international lists are helpfully split into countries to guide the reader to their destination. On this site you'll discover a unique mix of popular culture, author/artist interviews and a generous helping of tarot. I spent hours exploring!

Of my debut poetry collection, Outlandish, he writes:

the third reading is always the best, a quiet house, the rhythm, pace, and language become familiar, then it is time to read aloud, to sing the passion, sorrows, fears, and memory to the world and it was then that the real depth of Jo’s words could sit in my soul.

Read the full review - and explore Stephen's other work - here:

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