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New Poem: Out of Time

Delighted to announce I have a new poem in Out of Time: Poetry from the Climate Emergency anthology edited by Kate Simpson. 50p from each sale will be donated to Friends of the Earth.

Out of Time is curated to include five key thematic sections – sequenced to take readers on a journey through various responses to climate emergency today. These sections include Emergency, Grief, Transformation, Work and Rewilding. The featured poems move through anger, confusion, violence and disarray – spheres of dystopia and decimation – to grief, desperation and lethargy, right through to modes of transformation, fable and utopia as well as rites of passage, activism and work. Finally, we land on tender (if fragile) moments of hope, where humans can be both included or excluded from the picture at will. This powerful, timely anthology engages with the power of poetry to ask questions, subvert expectations and raise reader awareness in 2021 – a year defined by responsibility, accountability and opportunity.

“We are ‘Out of Time’. The World needs to change. Words have power. Power to change. Poetry from the Climate Emergency challenges, inspires, and empowers us to change our world.” Professor Mark Maslin, author of How to Save Our Planet: The Facts (Penguin, 2021)



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