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Workshops: ERIAC Roma Poetry

It's Halloween and we're three weeks into the Roma Women's Anthology workshops. This digital ERIAC initiative inclusively celebrates Roma women and provides creative writing training across countries and generations.

New and established Roma writers have joined our inclusive online community and are accessing the high-quality tuition I've designed. Together, we are developing our written voices to express intra-ethnic identity, culture, history and heritage. It's great to see the community come together.

This is a very exciting stage of development! The initiative aims to enable participants to:

  • develop new or further existing skills in writing, performance and editing,

  • raise confidence and understanding of their writing practice and the writing practices of a network of others through mutual respect and collaboration

  • learn new approaches to critical literary analysis

  • exchange knowledge and ideas to gain a deeper understanding of Romani identity, history and culture, with an international awareness

  • produce creative writing that meets industry-standard publishing requirements.



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